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The features in Country Setting Menu


The solution below is describing the  features in Country Setting Menu.



On Select Company  screen, click on Setting, Country Setting

Item I Description

Country Feature

With Bank Charges

Bank charges in quick entry

With Purchase Tax

Gst tax

With Sales Tax

Gst tax

With WHT Receivable

Refer to note 1

With WHT Payable

Refer to note  1

With GST

Enable GST

With Special Transaction

Post dated cheque


Quick Transaction With Tax %

Vietnam (during quick entry,  allowed to key in tax % for sales/purchase tax or both)

 Thailand (Untick this option and the  system  will display with holding tax *(WHT) in quick entry  for sales & purchase account)


 Add Transaction With Tax %

Vietnam (during add entry,  allowed to key in tax % for sales/purchase tax or both)


Add Transaction With Bill Period

Thailand (allows user to key in period and date during transaction entry)


 Save Transaction Description

Allows user  create new description and save  during transaction entry



Print Transaction Voucher

During Transaction

Allows print transaction voucher  after  transactions have been  saved

Rename  ‘GST’ To

Name of Description to be displayed

Rename  ‘SPECIAL’ To

Name of Description to be displayed


Set Blank GST Classification


This function is to auto  assign either XGST or ZR during transaction when  GST classification column was left blank.


Regional Option

1000 separator as ‘,’ decimal separator as ‘.’ (eg


Set date  to Computer  date

Login menu  date  follow system  date

Show MSC Status  Logo

Malaysia (to be displayed on the  main menu)

Add 543 years  to current date

Thailand (add  543 to year,  e.g.  year 2004           year


With Revenue  Department

Type “B“


Thailand (no special function)

Show Icon (Chinese


China (display large icon in main menu,  please set screen resolution to 1024 in desktop property)

Print Declaration of Value Added Tax

Vietnam (Report         Sales & Service Tax       View Tax


Check Bill Period in Sales

VAT Entry

Thailand (Quick entry  with tax; Report              Sales & Services Tax          Check VAT Sales/Purchase Entry)


With Balance Sheet  Budget

Allows enter  budget figure in chart  of account for balance sheet items


Allowed Lock Account

General-General A/C Ledger Maintenance, this will restrict user  to key in opening balance

Generate Sample Chart

(Chinese Format)

China (Housekeeping          Clear File/Generate Sample



With Voucher Footer  Remark

China (General Setup,  page  2), will affect  Print

Transaction Voucher in More Report  2)

Print Report  Row

All (taken from general ledger maintenance previously)

Print Payment Voucher with VAT

Thailand (show  one extra  column for Vat amount in

Open Item  Creditor  >  Print Payment Voucher)



Print Corresponding Account

China (un-tick ‘Voucher Sequence Follow Batch No’ in Country Setting menu; add  entries for two debits and one credit; go to Report                 View Ledger, tick ‘Print Corresponding Account, select the  credit transaction account code,  you can see  the  difference)


Description to follow Account Desp.

 Applicable in transaction of quick entry


Two decimal Places Required

Except Vietnam



Change  heading/Title Desp. To MASB Standard

Malaysia (go to Financial Report Heading, click

Set To Default button, Trading, Profit & Loss

Account will change to Income Statement)


Voucher Sequence follow Batch No.

Generate voucher  sequence follow batch  no (Report

More Report  2  > Print Transaction Voucher)


Select Country

Country Selection

Language = English

This will only change the  title of country  setting menu


Tax %

Sales or Purchase tax percentage


Label FontName

Debtor/creditor label printing font


TextBox FontName

Item  menu  font


Rename      GST/Sales Tax/Purchase

 The title heading for master account

 Batch Title Description

To follow the  title of each  batch  (organize batches) for newly created company.


Standard Report  Dir. / Customize Report  Dir.


 Location for report  folder

Account No. Format

Standard 7 digits and 8 digits for free format  without ‘/’


 Date System

5 countries date  format  (American, British, China/Japan, Taiwan)


Debtor/ Creditor Groups From

This will auto  assign to General Setup,  page  1 for newly created company


 Screen  Picture

This is for you to load your picture file (bmp,  jpg) onto

UBS main menu  after  user  login.


Note 1:-

*WHT  Withholding Tax (Thailand)

Example: -

 1.Purchase from supplier RM 1000,  tax is 7%,  total amount is RM 1070.

2.When  making payment to supplier, 3% of RM 1000 is set  as withholding tax.

3.Create an account code  for withholding tax (current asset type).

4.Use Quick entry,  select Bank as master account, select WHT for purchase.

5.The  result will be Dr: Supplier RM 1070,  Cr: Withholding tax RM 30 & Cr: Bank

RM 1040.

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