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Reprint the previous months’ Bank Reconciliation Statement


This solution below shows  the  way to reprint the  previous months’ Bank Reconciliation Statement.



User  only  needs  to  select  the  period of  the  month,  which  he  wishes  to  print  out  the  Bank Reconciliation Statement. This is because in the page of Bank Reconciliation Statement. While transactions  are  being  marked according  to  bank  statement received,  the  period  number that  user has selected to do the bank reconciliation statement is automatically assigned to a period field in the marked  transactions.


The period number assigned is used  to indicate when  the  transactions were  being marked. So, when user selects a period to reprint Bank Reconciliation Statement, at first, system will filter those transactions  that  the  transactions’  period  are  tally  with  user-selected  period.  Secondly,  system   will compare the  period number that  has  been  assigned (during the marking in the process of generating bank reconciliation statement) with user-selected period.


Those  transactions,  which  period  number is  not  tally  with  user-selected  period,  will  be  treated as

Deposits Not Credited By Bank or Unpresented Cheques in bank reconciliation statement.

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Last update: 2010-11-10 05:47
Author: Noor Diyana
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