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Transactions date and time


The solution below shows  the  steps  to view the  transactions date and  time.



For Version 9.0  (13 September  2004) and after:  

1.    Go to  Periodic    View  Audit  Trail,  select  option  Transaction  In Account,  select  the  relevant

Period, click on “Ok“, “Preview“.


For Version 8.3 

1.          Copy foxcmd.exe from  later  version  (version  9.0  or  after)  and  paste onto  your  data  folder

(e.g.  C:\UBSACC90\Test)


2.         Double click on the  file (foxcmd.exe), key in the  following:

Use glpost 8


Browse 8  Look into the  column of “Trdatetime”

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