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When and how to use the tool recovers.exe


The solution  below shows  how to use  the   tool recover.exe



This tool is used  when  database file is corrupted, Memo FPT is missing or corrupted, or when encounter message ‘Not a table’. The steps  of using it:


1.             Double click to run recovers.exe (in UBS program folder)

2.             In Main tab,  click on Select record file, specify the  database file

3.            to be fixed   (i.e. ictran.dbf)

4.             Click on “View & Scan“ to verify the  condition of the  file

5.             Click on “OK“ and proceed to ErrorScan I Repair

6.            When the  file was successfully recovered, a message will be

7.            prompted for the  file status

8.             Skip the  functions of Generate.DEF, Options & View    manual.txt

9.             Click on “EXIT” to quit the  system

10.           Login into Inventory & Billing and run Upgrade Data Files

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Last update: 2010-11-12 10:18
Author: Noor Diyana
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