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Set discount % formula for the 2 conditions


Set discount % formula for the  2 conditions below

a) Selling price between RM 10 & RM 19 —  5% item discount b) Selling price more  than  RM 19 —  10%  item discount



Following below steps: 

1.    Go to Housekeeping—Run Setup—General Setup—User Define Formula—type in IIF (PRICEE <= 9,O,IIF (PRICEE <= 19,5,1O)) in Disc %

2.    Go to Housekeeping—Run Setup—General Setup— Transaction: tick With per item


3.    Go to Transactions—Invoice: select any customer code and access  to body then  select any

item code with 1 quantity. If user  key in the  selling price between RM 10 “ RM 19 then  STK

will show 5% discount automatically; else if selling price is more  than  RM 19, STK will show

10%  discount


Tags: Set discount % formula for the 2 conditions

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Last update: 2010-11-11 07:47
Author: Noor Diyana
Revision: 1.0

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