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Generate EA Form Figures


The solution below is show the  ways of Generate EA Form Figures (Income Tax Reports — CP

8A —Generate)



These  settings will affect  the  outcome of EA Form.


Bonus For Date From UTo  U: key in  the  dates when  bonus  is  paid  for current year,  the  Bonus date  and amount will be shown  in EA Form (Part  B-1).


Perihal Pembayaran Allowance:  key  in  the  description  for special  allowance,  tips...  that  will be shown  in (EA Form Part B-1).


Bonus paid this year on and before @ month taken as last year taxable income: by default

@ = 0. If it  was  last  year’s bonus  paid  in  this  year  (let’s  say  January), then  replace  @ with  l,  (or 2 for February, 3 for March...)  and  click OK. The bonus  amount will be  shown  in  EA Form (Part  F). In such case,  do not key in any dates in Bonus For Date From UTo U


If set  @ = O, the  bonus  dates and amount will be shown  in EA Form (Part  B1)


Clear  ‘Details  of  payments of  arrears  etc.  for previous years’:  bonus   amount previously appeared in EA Form (Part  F) will be cleared.


Minimum Pay Required to print EA Form: this is to set  the  minimum requirement to generate & print EA Forms. When set  to 0.00,  you may print EA Form for each  and  every  employee in regardless of  their  level  of income.  When  set  to  1000.00,  you  may  only  preview/print  EA  Forms  for  those employees whose  basic rate  at RM 1000.00  and above.


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