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Error Message :&Saving failure&


Error message prompted: “Saving failure” and/or “The reference number has been duplicated. Please check the format in transaction setting” prompt?” when  saving transaction in Cash Receipt.



This  message prompted because the  reference number of a  cash  bill  is  repeated. In  POS, once  a transaction is saved, a checking process on reference number will be executed. This function is used to avoid repeated reference number exist in the database. If system found a duplicate record of the reference number in database, system  will prompt  this message to alert the  user.


To solve  it,  find  out  the  last  reference number first  (Transaction  - Inventory  Transaction  - Cash Sale). Go to Housekeeping - Setup - Transaction Setting - Format. Change  the  current number (Cash Sales) to a new number.


E.g.  if the  last  reference number of the  cash  bill is  CS 45387,  change the  current number of Cash Sales                   to CS 45388.

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