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Export CSV/TXT File


Below solution shows  the  way of export  employee file information which contains Employee Number, Name, Job Title & Basic Pay to Excel format.



1.    Go to Miscellaneous — Export CSV/TXT File, select Report  To Set in row No. 2

2.    Create  a Report  Title, e.g.  Employee Basic Pay —  November  2006

Header File

From File:               PMAST (PMAST = Personnel File Maintenance dbf)


Tag:                         PMASTI


Body File


Body File               PTR (PTR = 2nd  Half Payroll transaction dbf)


Tag                            PAYTRANI


To File                     EMP.CSV (any filename with .CSV)


Index Key             EMPNO     X fix length


Separator             ,                       R with separator


Start Line               Employee No,  Name, Job Title, Basic Pay


Note: Start  Line = Excel header, the  length is limited to 70 characters (alpha-numeric)


3.    Click on “Save”, “Next”.


4.    Right click on row No.1, select variable from table field:


row 1 as pmast.empno row 2 as row 3 as pmast.jtitle

row 4 as ptr.basicpay, and insert additional field to STR(ptr.basicpay,l2,2)


- user  need  to insert length of field and  change the  figures/amount to string in order  to be appeared as figures


for row 5, type in CSVEND


- Excel column must  enter  CSVEND at the  end of the  report, in order  to limit the  file size that  has been  sent  to Excel


5.    Click on “Save” and “Export” button to export  to a specific folder. User may open  the  Excel file in that  folder.


(Note: if there  is any fault encounter message when  exporting, it must  be the  incomplete variable in a particular field)


Tags: Export CSV/TXT File

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Author: Noor Diyana
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