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Commission EPF Incorrect



The solution below shows  the  way of Commission EPF incorrect from user  calculation. This is due to the  EPF Determination setting in Housekeeping menu.



Scenario: Commission: RM990.00; Salary: RM890.00


Go to Housekeeping—Setup—Parameter Setup, click Pay Calculation tab,  if Separate

Bonus/ Comm. EPF Calculation is set  to:


No,  EPF contribution is to base  on combined income (990+890) as simulated below: Total EPF contribution based on RM1880: RM 207 (Employee), RM 226 (Employer)

For commission (990),  EPF contribution is RM 110 (employee) and RM 120 (employer);


For basic salary (890),  EPF contribution is RM 97 (207-110) employee and RM 106 (226-



Yes, EPF contribution is to refer  to EPF table separately:


For Commission (990),  EPF contribution is RM 110 (employee) and RM 120 (employer);


Basic Salary (890),  EPF contribution is RM 99 (employee) and RM 108 (employer).



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Last update: 2010-11-17 06:41
Author: Noor Diyana
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