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Out Of Bound (OOB) - resigned staff


This is explaining the  calculation of Out of Bound for new staff who has resigned not in last day of the month. An example given as below:-


Employee (salary RM1000/month) resigned and his last day is 26 May 200x. Calculate his basic pay for May 200x.



Manual calculation (by referring to the calendar)


Basic Rate            : 1000 

Working Days    : 23 

Day Worked         : 23

Out of Bound (OOB) : 5 (27“31 May)




Basic Pay = Basic Rate —  [OOB/No of Days in the  month  x Basic Rate]


= 1000 [5/ 31 x 1000]


= 838.71


UBS Payroll System

1.      Payments — 2nd  Half Payroll — Normal Pay, key in Working days as 23, DW 23, OOB 5. Click ‘Save‘ and ‘Exit‘.


2. Payments — 2nd  Half Payroll — Process Pay.



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