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Data is Corrupted



The solution below shows  the  way to retrieve the item/transaction when  data  is corrupted.



There  are 2 methods: Method 1:

From version March 2004 and after,  POS will create a backup  folder and  create backup  copy to excel file. When the  data  is corrupted, we can retrieve the  lost data  by the  following steps:


1.  Go to Housekeeping - Administrative Tools - Database  Viewer - Query, Type in:


USE ICTRAN <click Execute>







2.   Go to C:\temp, open  the  file named ictran.xls with Microsoft Excel

3.   Go to C:\ubs software\pos\trsbak\cs, open  the  file ictran.csv

(Make sure  that  this file contains the  data  you want)

4.   Copy the  data  you want  from ictran.csv to ictran.xls

(Make sure  that  it was copied to the  right column)

5.   Highlight all the  data  (DO NOT USE CTRL-A) and  save  the  ictran.xls as ictran.dbf





6.   Copy the  ictran.dbf and overwrite the  existing ictran.dbf in the  UBSPOS2003 

7.   Go to UBS POS and run Upgrade  Database


Method 2:

1.   Execute  postools.exe in the  tools folder

2.   Click Tools - Restore From Item  Text File or Restore  From Transaction Text File






3.  Set the  Text File Folder to the  transaction backup  directory (trsbak) & set  Recreate to Yes (For Item  Text File, ensure Transfer  All is ticked; for Transaction Test File, tick Transfer  All)





4. After clicking OK, output files is created in Temp folder in Drive C. Output  file for item is icitem9.dbf, while for transaction is artran9.dbf, ictran9.dbf and cashtran9.dbf

5. In POS, go to Housekeeping - Import and Export - Import Data, select Item  or

Transaction, click OK and then  import the  data  from Temp folder







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