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Importing terminal data from a SQL database



This guide shows  the  steps  to import terminal data  from a SQL database



To connect to  the  SQL database, you  must  use  the  Data Source method. First,  you  must  add  an

ODBC data source. Follow the  following steps:


i.     Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Source (ODBC).

ii.    Select  System DSN  tab,  click Add.  Then  search for SQL  Server as  the  driver  in  the  drop down list. Then double click on it.

iii.       Input  the  Data  source  Name  (any  name  you  like,  preferable  1 word),  Description  (Optional), and the  SQL Server  that  you want  to connect to. Then click Next.

iv.      The  next  step  is  regarding  with  how  to  connect to  SQL Server  and  the  authentication  method

used.  This  depends  on  the  setting  of  your  SQL   Server.  Select  either  With   Windows  NT authentication using network login ID or With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by  the user. If the  second  authentication method is used,  key in the  Login ID and  Password at  the  lower  section.  Tick the  check  box  of Connect  to SQL  Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options. Then click Next.

v.          Tick the  check  box  of Change  the default database to. Select  the  database used  by the clocking terminal software. Leave the  rest  as default and click Next.

vi.      Leave everything as default and click Finish.

vii.     Click Test  Data Source. If the  test  is  successful,  then  click OK. If not,  check  the  connection with the  SQL Server  and the  login permissions.

viii. >o back to UBS TAS, and then  go to Maintenance -> Terminal maintenance.

ix.       Click Add  to add a terminal. Click on Data Source  tab.

x.          Then  input  the  relevant  information:  Data  Source  Name  (the  name  which  you created on step iii. ), Record Set (the  table which contains the  clocking raw data), and  the  other  field names based on the  field names in the  SQL database.

xi.       You are now ready  to import the  data.

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