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Same working times and same workgroup, but rest on different days.


The steps  below shows  the  setting for this scenario:

A group  of workers  has a same  working times (same workgroup) but rest on different days.

e.g Worker 1: rest  day —  Monday

      Worker 2: rest  day —  Tuesday

      Worker 3: rest  day —  Wednesday



User can  maintain  the  Work >chedule  and  Workgroup  as  usual,  just  that  user  don’t  need  to  specify the  rest  day  in  the  Duty  Organizer.  Go to  Maintenance—Personnel  Maintenance—  Personnel  File, under Detail (2) tab—>est  Week  Day, select any day (Monday  to  Sunday)  as the  rest  day for that particular  employee.  When  user  do  Attendance  Processing,  system   will  take  the  selected  day  as  the rest day for that worker. User can see the result in Personnel Attendance.

Tags: but rest on different days., Same working times and same workgroup

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