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A107. Location Cost Of Good Sold Listing


The  solution  below  shows  the  steps  to  apply  “AlO7.  Location  Cost  Of  Good Sold Listing”  In Reports     External  Application.  This  feature provides  you a full listing  on how  the  system  calculates cost of sales report  by item location.



1.          Create any location code eg. ‘HQ’.

2.          Apply costing method ‘Moving Average’.

3.          Transaction  >   Receive (HQ) with quantity 10, unit cost 15.

4.          Transaction  >  Invoice (HQ) quantity sold for 2, selling price 30.

5.          Go to Enquiry   >  Trace Item Cost & Value   >   Moving Average Method

6.          Go to Sales Reports  >  Profit Margin   >   Calculate Cost Of Sales   >   Moving Average Method.

7.          Go to Reports >  Location Item Reports  >  Location —  Item Status & Value

8.          Go to  Reports   >   External  Application  >   Location  Cost Of Good Sold  Listing,   tick  “Create

Table Listat   >   DBF”, click “Yes“, tick “ALL TRANSACTIONS”, click “REFRESH“ button.

9.          In  COGS   column  ,  system   shows   30  of  cost   of  goods  sold(Opening  stock   (0)  + Purchase (150)  + TR-IN + OAI —  TR-OUT —  OAR - Closing stock(120))

10.        In  IT_COS  column,  system   shows   30  of  cost  of  goods  sold(Opening  stock  (0)  + Purchase (150)  —  Closing stock(120))

11.        Tick “Update Moving Cost From Unit Cost For Moving Cost=0” if Moving Average  cost for opening stock contains zero, system will  generate the latest cost from Item File Maintenance unit cost. You can view the effect in Edit Item Opening QuantityICost (Maintenance  >   Opening Quantity Maintenance)


Note: IT_COS may not be the  same  with COGS, opening stock for location will be developed in future.


TR-IN      Transfer  In; TR-OUT       Transfer  Out; OAI         Adjustment Increase; OAR            Adjustment

Reduce; Opening        Opening Stock Value; Closing           Closing Stock Value

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