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Allowance Formula


The solution below shows  the  way of setting the  following variable allowance (assuming the allowance amount is varying for employees):



Full allowance (e.g.  RM500 for an employee) if no absent and NPL


With absent/NPL, allowance should be reduced accordingly at the  rate  of 500/29 for each  day of




1.    Go      to      Housekeeping—Setup—Tables            Maintenance—Allowance     Table,        key     in allowance  description,  click  “Next“,  “Next“,  at  the  Formula  field  for  the  row  where  the allowance is added, key in the  following formula:



2.    Click “OK“ to “save“ the record.  


3.    Go  to  Personnel—Add/Update  Employees,  click  Allowance/Deduction  tab,  key  in allowance amount for individual employee



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