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APS for Malayan Banking Berhad (MBB) – APS No.1


Below shows  the  way to set  the  Auto Pay System (APS) for Malayan Banking Berhad (MBB) _ APS No. 1



User should be receiving a diskette (consists of MBB third party  program), a user  guide and an instructions letter from Malayan Banking officer. Please observe the  following steps  for setup:


1.Create a folder in computer hard  disk, e.g.  C:\MBBAPS

2.Insert the  diskette given by MBB, copy the  files in the  diskette and paste onto  the  folder created e.g.  MBBAPS.

3.Log on to UBS Payroll System,  go to Housekeeping-Setup-Addresses & A/c No, users  are

required to key in the  following details:


Organisation Information


Name: Name of the bank (mandatory)  E.g.: MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD


Code: Bank code in numeric (optional) E.g.: 27


Branch Name: Location of bank (optional) E.g.: KLCC Branch Code: Branch code in numeric (optional) Address: Bank address

Your Company Registered Information


Registered Name: Company registered name (mandatory)


Account No.: Company’s payroll account number (mandatory)


Short Name (APS): Company’s payroll a/c name assigned by the bank (mandatory)


Given ID (APS): Company’s ID assigned by the bank (mandatory)


4.Go to Personnel-Add/Update Employees, select employee, click Personal Details page  and maintain employee’s new & old IC number, click Government page  and maintain employee’s bank account number.


5.Process pay.


6.Go to Payments—>st Half PayrollI2nd Half Payroll—CashIBankItthers—Thru Bank Via Diskettes

or Payments—Bonus I Commission I Extra—Thru Bank Via Disk or Payments— 2nd Half

+Bonus+ Commission+ Extra— Thru Bank Via Disk. Click Save then click Generate, key in

the Salary Credit Date & click OK, select folder e.g. C:\MBBAPS (Payroll details will be sent

into this folder), OK. 


7.Go to windows explorer, click on folder C:\MBBAPS, and click on file named APSECR, a DtS

mode  screen (version 3.0)  will be prompted (this is MBB’s third party  program), press  the ENTER key on the keyboard.


8.A Log On screen will be prompted, type MBB/APS at Current Password field (given by MBB,

must be in cap lock), key in the new password (e.g. 1234, to be determined by user, maximum

7 characters of numeric/alphanumeric) and second  time to confirm the  new password. If the Current Password (MBB/APS) was wrongly entered, the user has to repeat step ii, vi, vii & viii.  


9.User will get a screen with three  (3) report  options upon  successful Log On, key in the  report option e.g.  1, press  ENTER, key in the  numbers of copy to be printed and  press  any key to start printing, repeat this for report option 2 & 3.


10.  After all the  reports have  been  printed, insert a diskette into Drive A, press  any key and the system  in DOS mode  will start  the  password encryption and save  into the  diskette. Press  any key to exit once  completed and you are now back to the  window explorer module (C:\MBBAPS).


11.  Remove  the  diskette from the  drive and label as follows: Company Name:

Name of System: APS Version 3.0 APSECR Name of Diskette: PASSWORD

12.  Click on file named APSECR for the second time, enter the current password with the new

password that you have keyed in step viii e.g. 1234, and press ENTER twice.


13.  Repeat step ix, the summary data and an instruction letter with hash total will be printed.


14.  When printing is completed, insert a diskette into Drive A, press any key and the system will

start the data encryption and save into the diskette. Press any key to exit once completed.


15.  Remove  the  diskette from the  drive and label as follows: Company Name:

Name of System: APS Version 3.0 APSECR Name of Diskette: DATA (Original)

16.  User are required to send these two (2) diskettes to MBB (First diskette contained password

information and second diskette contained payroll data in encrypted form).                        


(It is also applicable to Advance, Tips Allowance and Weekly Payroll)



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