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APS for EON Bank


Below shows the way to set the Auto Pay System (APS) for EON Bank 



Please observe the  following steps  in UBS Payroll System:


1.    Go to Housekeeping-Setup-Parameter Setup, key in the  Payroll Manager  particulars.

2.    Go to Housekeeping-Setup-Addresses & A/c No, user  is required to maintain the  bank’s information and  click Save,  see  sample as below:-


Organisation Information


Name: Name of the bank (mandatory)  E.g.: EON BANK BERHAD


Code: Bank code in numeric (optional) E.g.: 23


Branch Name: Location of bank (optional) E.g.: AMPANG Branch Code: Branch code in numeric (optional) Address: Bank address

Your Company Registered Information


Registered Name: Company registered name (mandatory) Account No.: Company’s payroll account number (mandatory) APS Format No.  In Aps_Set.DBF: 20. EON BANK

3.    Go to Personnel-Add/Update Employees, select employee, click Personal Details page,

maintain employee’s new & old I/C number / Passport number for foreign worker,  click Pay page  and set  the  Pay Method to Bank, click Government page  and maintain employee’s Bank A/C No,  click Save.


4.    Go to Payments-1st  Half Payroll / 2nd  Half Payroll-Cash/Bank/Others-Net Pay - Cash/Bank/Others, select Bank, click OK, Preview and check to make  sure  the  necessary information for all the  employees (excluding resigned staff)  required by the  bank is maintained (e.g.  Name,  I/C No & Bank Account No).


5.    Process  pay.


6.    Insert a diskette into Drive A.


7.    Go to: Payments-1st  Half Payroll / 2nd  Half Payroll-Cash/Bank/Others-Thru Bank Via

Diskettes or Payments-Bonus / Commission / Extra-Thru Bank Via Disk or


8.    Payments-2nd Half+Bonus+Commission+Extra-Thru Bank Via Disk

(It is also applicable to Advance, Tips Allowance and  Weekly Payroll). Click Save then  click

Generate, key in the  Salary Credit Date & click OK, select Drive A, click OK (payroll data is exported into the  diskette).


9.    Next, go to Miscellaneous-Export CSV/Txt File, set  Report  To Set to:




Click Export, key in the  Report Date, click Ok, select Drive A (the  Short Note contained company’s information is sent  to the  diskette), click Exit.




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