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Microsoft Mail Merge Wizard


The solution below shows  the  steps  to to insert Microsoft Mail Merge Wizard to print Debtors

Name and Address from UBS Debtor File Maintenance.



1. In Microsoft Word; go to Tools  >  Letters & Mailings    >   Mail Merge Wizard.


2. Select Letters on the  documents to personalize it, click on “Next: Starting document“.


3. Select Use the  current document and click “Next: Select recipients“.


4. Click on “Browse...“ to locate the  database file Arcust.dbf from your data  directory, e.g.:

C:/UBSACC90/DATA, click on “New Source“ button.


5. Select OtherIAdvanced and click “Next“ button.


6. In Data Link Properties, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual Fox  Pro, click “Next“.


7. Click on “...“ button at Select or enter  a database name and select Free Table Directory follow by

Browse, then  click  “OK“     “OK“.


8. Select “Next“. Click on Test Connection, if “ok“, system  will prompt  Test connection succeeded. Click “OK“.


9. Select (Default) arcust.odc. Click “Open“ .


10. Mail merge  wizard toolbar will be displayed. Click Insert Merge Fields, insert fields from

Database Fields. E.g.: Customer  Account No, Customer  Name,  Address row no.1...etc.



11. Click on View Merge Data toolbar, the  system  will display the  first record  from your database table. To view the  next data, click on “top“, “previous“, “next“ and “last“ button to navigate other




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