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Consolidated Account


The solution below is explaining the  usage of Consolidated Account.



To display in columnar form, the  Profit & Loss Account (and  Balance Sheet) of several departments, projects, branches or subsidiaries. The steps  are: 

1.    Reports        Profit & Loss Account, select the  project  code,  OK, click on                Dbf file to export the  report  to dbf file, key in the  name  of column in Company Short Name and  PAL01 (as file name  for column 1; PAL02 for column 2, etc)  in Output File Name, click OK, Exit. (repeat the  same  steps  for other  projects.)

2.    Reports        More Report (1)        Consolidated Account, select Profit & Loss, in How Many

Department field, type in number of projects (columns), click OK to view the  consolidate report.


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