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Generate one day password for UBS


To generate one day password for version 9.2 SR3.1



1.    Logon to license central at

2.    Enter your valid ID & Password.

3.    Select ‘one day password’ option in your left pane  (refer  fig 1.0).

4.    Key in your serial key, eg. ‘Acc-01-00001290’. You can find your serial key in:

a.    Login to any company, or add a new one.  Go to OthersàAbout

b.    Refer to your license file (refer  fig 1.1).

You can find the  file at your UBS program folder: Account = acc_file.txt , I&B = Stk_file.txt & Payroll = pay_file.txt.

Same  apply to those  serial key with new format  , the  new filename for Account = J6ACC_file.txt , I&B = 1ubil_file.txt    & Payroll = Otpay_file.txt.


5.    Tick an option ‘  I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions’ then  press Generate button.

6.    The password will auto  generate, eg 2801D (case  not sensitive when  logon )

7.    For dongle users, select the  dongle option, enter  dongle no, SK no. and product  option, then apply same  to step  5. User can get  the  SK no. at the  login screen (refer  fig1.2)

8.    Password generated can only be used  on the  day that  it is generated only. If users  try to login the  next day, the  system  will prompt  ‘ incorrect password, Try again’

9.    If user  changes the  system  date  back to the  day of one day password is generated,   system

will prompt  ‘One day password expired!’.

10.  If user  needs to use  the  password on following day, a new one day password needs to be generated.

11.  After you have  login into UBS system  successfully, you may change your original password immediately at housekeeping menu  à change password (exact  path  depends on the  system you are using).


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Author: Noor Diyana
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