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Account Code



The solution below is explaining the  usage of Account Code in >eneral Ledger A/C Maintenance



Used to key in old account code previously used  in other  accounting system  (as a reference). Account

Code can be shown  in Print Chart of Accounts with simple customization as follow:


1.        General  — Print Chart of Accounts, click on Ok and Preview

2.        Go to File  —> Save As, use the default report file, click Save. Press Esc.

3.        Right click on Exit button, select the file name that you have just saved and click Open

4.        Right click at any empty spot, select Data Environment

5.        (Under gldata table) drag and drop the field: acc_code onto Detail section



Click Save, press Esc once, click on Preview, the account code will be displayed.

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Last update: 2010-11-08 06:37
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