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APS for Public Bank


Below shows  the  way to set  the  Auto Pay System (APS) for Public Bank



Please observe the  following steps  in UBS Payroll System:

1.    Go to Housekeeping-Setup-Parameter Setup, key in the  Payroll Manager  particular.

2.  Go to Housekeeping-Setup-Addresses and Account No., take  note  the  default bank category is 1, click List to select other  bank category if necessary.


User is required to maintain the  bank’s information and  click Save, see  sample as below:- Organisation Information


Name: Name of the bank, e.g.: PUBLIC BANK BERHAD


Code: PBBEMYKL (Bank Identifier Code, provided by the Bank)


Address: Address of the Bank


Your Company Registered Information


Account No.: Company’s payroll account number e.g. 300002160


Given ID (APS): PBB (as given by the Bank)


APS Format No.  In Aps_Set.DBF: 44. PUBLIC BANK BERHAD (E)


3.    Go to Personnel-Add/Update Employees, select employee/add new employee, click Personal Details page  and maintain employee’s new & old IC number, click Government page  and maintain employee’s bank account number, see  sample as below:


Bank Code:                PBBEMYKL (if employee’s salary account is with PBB). Key in MBBEMYKL if the salary account is with MBB and accordingly when other banks are involved.


Bank A/c No.:            1234587456954


Category: 1 (Change accordingly when necessary)


4.    Process  pay. Insert a diskette into Drive A.

5.    Go to:   Payments-1st  Half Payroll / 2nd  Half Payroll-Cash/Bank/Others-Thru Bank Via

Diskette or Payments-Bonus / Commission / Extra-Thru Bank Via Disk or

Payments-2nd Half+Bonus+Commission+Extra-Thru Bank Via Disk


(It is also applicable to Advance, Tips Allowance and  Weekly Payroll)


click Save then  click Generate, select the  category if necessary, key in the  Salary Credit Date and Report Date. Tick Generate Instruction Letter (if user  wish to print), click OK, select Drive A, click OK (payroll data  is exported into the  diskette).


6.      Submit the  diskette to Public Bank for payroll crediting.


Note: For user  whom their employees’ salary accounts are with various banks  e.g.  MayBank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Bumiputra Commerce  and et cetera, it is advisable to use  UBS Payroll System  Version 9.0b  (11 March 2006)  and onwards.




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