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Change Customer No. or Supplier No.


This solution below is explaining the  usage of Change Customer No.  or Supplier No.  in External

Application    Program File Manager.



1.    This is used  to change customer/supplier code either from 3000/A00 to 300A/001 or 4000/X01 to 400X/001.

2.    Before executing this option, go to Housekeeping  >  Run Setup  >  General Setting. At Page  1, change the  Debtor AccountGroups from 3000 to 30ZZ or Creditor Account Groups from 4000 to 40ZZ.

3.    Select Example: 300X/Y00300Y/X00 (select either one  of example, different example will change to different codes), then  click on Refresh. The screen will show the customer/supplier codes  are changed from 3000/A01 to 300A/001 and  from 4000/X01 to 400X/001. User can check on the  old debtors’/creditors’ A/C code with the  new one for verification. Click on Update if confirm.


Tags: Change Customer No. or Supplier No.

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Last update: 2010-11-08 08:29
Author: Noor Diyana
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