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Remove Local Customer or Supplier Defective Record


This solution below is explaning the  usage of remove  local customer or supplier defective record.



 If user  accidentally  keys  in  a  foreign currency code for a debtor  / creditor  in  Debtors  / Creditors File Maintenance, whereby  this debtor  / creditor is actually using the  default currency to transact business, he may erase the  foreign currency  code that  he has  keyed  in for the  debtor  / creditor. But, the  previous  transactions  for the  debtor  / creditor  are  still bound  with  the  foreign  currency  rate.  So, this function is built to overcome the  problem.


 At  first,  delete  records that  created to store  the  debit  amount (in  the  data  field  name  “Debitamt”) and/or credit  amount (in  the  data  field  name  “Creditamt”)  of foreign  currency. The  Accext  field  in these records are  also  set  to  F (Foreign  Currency).    Select  DEBTOR  or CREDITOR  and  ARPOST. Click on REFRESH,  then  click on UPDATE to delete the  records.


Secondly,  change the  amount in  Fcamt data  field  (this  field  used  to store  foreign  currency  amount) to be same as the amount stored in Debitamt or  Creditamt  field (depending on the nature of transactions).  Select  DEBTOR  or  CREDITOR  and   GLPOST.   Click  on  REFRESH,   then   click  on

UPDATE to change the  amount in Fcamt data  field.


Tags: Remove Local Customer or Supplier Defective Record

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Last update: 2010-11-08 08:53
Author: Noor Diyana
Revision: 1.0

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