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Device Setting


The solution below shows  the  way to set  Scale Machine at >evice Setting.









1.         >  normal  scale  machine  will  print  1st    2  digits,  it  served   as  information  for  POS  to recognize  the  scanned item  which  either  it  is  a scale  barcode or normal  barcode. E.g.  if the  Flag >igit is “02”, the  system  will recognize all the  barcode which start  with “02” as a scale barcode from scale machine; else, it is a normal barcode for stock item.

2.        Set the  digit position of Item  No, (from the  picture above)  the  first 2 digit “02” is served as Flag >igit, while the  3rd  digit till 7th  digit is served  as Item  No.

3.       Option  to  select  the  price  or  quantity  digit.  Key  in  the  Start,   End  and  >ecimal  digit position.  >ifferent  brand  of scale  machine  may  print  different  type  of barcode. Some  of the  barcode contain price digit but  some  contain quantity digit. You must  select  carefully so that  the  information will be taken  correctly.

4.       Select  the  appropriate  round  up  quantity.  The  quantity  calculated  will be  used  in  stock reports.

5.   The  quantity  will  be  calculated  correctly  when  unit  price  is  changed during  transaction.

The system  will re-calculate the  quantity based on the  quantity and price.

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Last update: 2010-11-18 11:10
Author: Noor Diyana
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