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Customer  owns  a HQ and  2 branches. Previously, when  customer wants  to transfer item from HQ to Branch A, he has  to perform  2 different  transactions.  First  by using  STK to perform  Transfer  at HQ, then  use  POS to perform  Receive  at  Branch  >.  If he  needs to  transfer item  from  Branch  > to Branch  B, he  has  to  use  STK to perform  Transfer  at  HQ, Issue  at  Branch  > and  Receive  at  Branch B.  The solution below shows  the  way to shorten these processes.



By using  latest  version  of POS, it  has  a module  called  FTP  Transfer,  where  data  can  be  sent  thru FTP. When using STK to perform  Transfer, after  exported data  to FTP, branches can import data  from FTP as Receive / >djustment Reduce  in order  to update the  stock balance in POS


Step 1: HQ to perform  Transfer  using STK, then export  data  to FTP using POS.

Step 2: Branch to import data  from FTP

using POS.



1st situation: Item  transferred from HQ to branch

POS in branch  will treat  the  Transfer  as Receive and  stock balance will increase


2nd situation: Item  transferred from branch  to HQ

POS in branch  will treat  the  Transfer  as Adjustment Reduce and stock balance will reduce


3rd situation: Item  transferred from Branch > to Branch B POS in Branch > will treat  the  Transfer  as >djustment Reduce POS in Branch B will treat  the  Transfer  as Receive



In order  to let this feature works properly, every branch  must  set  a default location. User must  have  a company  website with FTP facilities. Note that  upon  performing the  above  2 steps, user  can have

their stock balance updated immediately. Branches  no longer need  to perform  transaction of stock


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