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Post daily sales in a lump sum


This article shows  the  step  to post  daily sales in a lump sum if user  does  not wish to post  individual transaction.



1.    Go to Housekeeping—>Setup—>General Setup, Tick Integrate with Accounting System &

browse  the  accounting folder in Sharing tab.

2.    Go to Housekeeping—>Setup—>General Setup, Maintain cash  sales & cash  account code in

Account tab.

3.    Issue  2 cash  receipt with any selected items

4.    Go to Housekeeping—>Posting—>Daily Posting, select temp folder in Post To column then

click on “OK”, “Yes”, “OK” button in sequence.

5.    In accounting system, go to Periodic—>Export/Import—>E.I.Housekeeping, select the  same

temp folder in Sub-Directory For ***9.DBF and click on “>pply”, “Exit”, “Exit” button in sequence.

6.    In accounting system, go to Periodic—>Export/Import—>Import from >BF file, select IMPORT

FROM C:\TEMP\GLPOST9.DBF and then  click on “Ok” button. Select batch  number, click on “Verify”, “Import”, “Yes”, “Ok” button in sequence.

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Last update: 2010-11-19 03:41
Author: Noor Diyana
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